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Ch.Placer C'Ntry Brie V Lahrheim "Brie"

"Brie" is out of ....
Ch. Placer Country Telluride

Placer Country Cindy

Brie is our foundation bitch for the new batch of "Lahrheim Shorthairs" She is now gone but was everything I could have
wanted in a GSP! She was so loving to my kids and loved everyone she met, as with most "Placer Country"dogs she had a wonderful temperament and would not hurt a fly, this was one of many reasons why I picked her to start my new line. She has produced.
Lahrheim's Live Wire JH
Lahrheim's Surprise Edition (Show pointed)
Lahrheim's Vortex Mystery (Needs a major to finish)
Ch. Lahrheim's Unsolved Mystery JH (Finished 8/1/09)
Lahrheim's Winchester Mysery (Show pointed)
HIT Lahrheim's Mystery Snowfall CD,AX,AXJ,XF,NRD ( Show pointed)


New Champion Nov. 2002

1st major Sacramento KC April 2002


          9 months first point

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